SHIMADA SEISHOKU Co.,LTD., based in the Banshu area which is famous for yarn dyeing,
is a textile manufacturing company with a proud history of over 90 years.
We create and propose new and attractive fabrics using the Banshu area’s great skills,
legacy and our designing capabilities to create a future.


We are based in Nishiwaki City, which is located in the North Harima region of Japan. The North Harima region is one of the main Banshu-ori regions of Japan. Banshu-ori is a yarn dyed fabric that has been produced for over 200 years. The Banshu area has the highest manufacturing technology which has caught the eye of designers around the globe. In addition, it also has the greatest industrial power which is based on accumulated fabrics development data. The Banshu area is a fabric industrial center that has the capability to embody the idea, management and production.
We continue to produce a lot of fabrics for apparel and uniforms here.

TEXTILES BUSINESSPlanning ,production and sales of yarn-dyed textile and other kind of textile


As we have developed various fabrics, we decided to launch our own label “hatsutoki”, to confirm the product values of our fabrics.
We offer garments made from our newly developed fabrics.

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Launched a new bland in the spring of 2021. We send the relaxing wear from Banshu.

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We arrange to the division of labor in the production areas and keep sending
the original textile which cooperated with craftsmen from Nishiwaki-area.

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Company Name
Shimada Seishoku Co., Ltd.
Head Office

1796-67 Nomura-cho, Nishiwaki-city,
Hyogo, JAPAN 677-0054

TEL:0795-22-3621 FAX:0795-22-5116

Osaka Office

A&K Honmachi Bldg 503, 1-4-5 Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka, JAPAN 541-0052

TEL:06-6267-5810 FAX:06-6267-4880

May 28, 1948
10 Million Japanese Yen
Business Type
Converter for textile piece goods or garments
Yarn dyed woven fabrics for shirting, pants or jackets
Production style
Basically place to order